Together, and within your budget, we will design your ideal ring. You'll effortlessly select from metals, stones, and more to design a ring that is uniquely yours. 

At my studio in historic downtown Medina, I will expertly guide you to find inspiration, choose stone shapes, and select a setting style. You'll quickly gain the confidence to begin designing your dream engagement ring. 




Once your design is perfected, I'll craft, set, polish, and deliver in a matter of weeks. It couldn't be easier to design and create the ring of your dreams.

Your dream ring in just a few easy steps

Handcrafted in Ohio

Custom designed engagement jewelry

Your designer made ring will be the envy of your new fiance's circle when she tells them that not only did you design it just for her, but that it is made with quality materials such as recycled metals, conflict-free diamonds, Montana Sapphires & more.

Delivering Quality


Unlike most mall, big box, & online jewelry stores, my rings are not poorly made overseas in factories with little attention to detail.  As  an artisan I proudly craft and set your ring to exacting standards, ensuring durability and a lifetime of enjoyment.

Crafting your dream


Whether designing for a surprise proposal, or as a couple, you'll do so in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Prefer to design with your fiance after proposing? Inquire about my stand-in "Prelude" proposal ring.

Designing your dream 


Unlike a traditional jewelry store, I take the time to provide each of my clients a personalized one-on-one boutique experience. My lower overhead allows you a designer ring experience at an affordable price.

Personalized Experience


is what sets us apart

Your experience

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I'll be your guide during the design and creation of your perfect engagement ring. Together, during your private appointment, we will view styles ranging from timeless to contemporary, and make selections to design a ring that is sure to get you to "yes, I will." What sets us apart from traditional jewelry stores is a relaxed and personalized experience. I'll make the process easy and enjoyable; you needn't know the first thing about jewelry to begin.

As an AJP and Graduate of Diamonds from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), I'll source the most beautiful diamonds & gemstones for your designer engagement ring. I'm formally trained in diamond and colored stone grading, jewelry repair, diamond & gemstone setting, jewelry design, CAD, casting, fabrication, and finishing. My involvement in every facet of the custom jewelry making process ensures you'll have a quality experience from start to finish.

I'm Christopher

nice to meet you

And I'm here to help design your perfect ring!

The Medina Design Studio is where your journey begins. Explore a dazzling display of wedding ring styles that can be modified to your personal taste. Most design selections can be seen in real-time.  Realistic renders are printed, and I can even 3D print a ring to try on during your visit.   

Design Studio

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away"

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Hinckley workshop is where your dream ring is realized. Sparkling stones are viewed under a Gemological microscope to ensure they exceed our high standards. Your ring begins in the metal shop with precise casting and forming tools and is then intricately set under magnification at the setting bench using a Leica microscope. Next it's on to pre-finishing under surgical loupes for exceptional detail at the finishing bench, and lastly a lustrous final polish is performed. No fine detail is overlooked.


Your rings are cast, set, and finished in the USA by myself and our best in the business trade partners.  Many online and big box retailers outsource their labor overseas, resulting in quality issues. Christopher Nolan rings are set and finished by hand under high magnification as opposed to the stones being cast in place.  Our traditional time-honored methods produce a quality crafted ring.


Hand selected conflict-free diamonds are available from half a carat to 0ver ten carats to suit any preference or budget. Choose diamonds from mined Kimberly-Process, Canadian, Salt & Pepper, and Lab Created. We also offer exquisite gemstones such as Spinel, Ruby, Ceylon & Montana Sapphire, Emerald, Tourmaline, Zircon, Moissanite and more. Choose from Platinum, or recycled 14k & 18k gold in yellow, rose, or white gold alloy that won't require annual rhodium re-plating.


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designed & Crafted especially for you


be inspired by symbols of love & commitment

At Christopher Nolan we make custom ring design an enjoyable process.  Think of it similar to how you shop for a new car; you choose a model, colors, options, and accessories to complete your shiny new vehicle.  You needn't reinvent the wheel.

With nearly 150 models to try on, a display of center stone & setting options, and more than 1500 models in our CAD library, we easily find the perfect design for you. We then modify the chosen design by selecting colors & options, or create something new.

With limitless possibilities, I'll guide you to easily create a specially crafted ring that is uniquely yours.

It couldn't be easier

We invite all budgets and have designed rings from $2500 to mid five figures. According to The Knot's 2023 Engagement Study, the national average for an engagement ring is around $5500.

Our lower overhead compared to a traditional jewelry store allows us to be surprisingly affordable considering the level of quality and service we provide. We are competitively priced, yet outstanding in value.

surprisingly affordable 

There are many benefits to a ring designed by Christopher Nolan. 

The most obvious benefit is both of you knowing that you designed a special ring just for her. She will often take pride in letting others know as well. 

As an appointment only jeweler you have my undivided attention. In a typical retail store you may hurriedly try on only a few designs and choose one.  At Christopher Nolan we have time and endless options to design a special ring that is uniquely yours. 

A quality artisan built ring, a trained eye choosing the best stones, designer packaging, and a memorable experience that provides unparalleled value for your money.  What are you waiting for?

quality and value

However, while our clients happiness is paramount to us, we respectfully can only use and warranty our stones. This is best practice for a couple of reasons and we hope you understand.

Firstly, our melee is precision cut and matched for an exquisite fit and uniform look.

And lastly mistakes, while rare, can happen. If we damage our stone we simply order a replacement. We can't see what's obscured by a prong, or attempt the impossible feat of replacing your loved one's sentimentally irreplaceable stone. 

We hate to say no...

At Christopher Nolan, we take sustainability and ethical sourcing seriously.

We strive to use recycled precious metals when possible to reduce pollutants. Our dazzling and brilliant mined diamonds are sourced either as certified conflict-free in compliance with the Kimberly Process, Canadian, or repurposed.  Both moissanite and lab diamonds are man-made.

70% of Gemstone mining is from small mines so transparency and traceability can be difficult. To help combat this we prioritize purchasing from suppliers with commitments to ethical sourcing.  Gemstone mining isn't typically used to fund wars or as polluting as metal mining. 

Our Commitment

At your appointment, once a design is agreed to, you can make a 50% deposit or pay in full to put your ring(s) into production. 

We accept check, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, & Discover. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.  

Financing is available through Affirm with approved credit. 

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